Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy in Sterling Heights, MI

(also serving Troy, Clawson, Royal Oak, Warren)

Calcific tendonitis of shoulder is the cause of most shoulder pain, and it’s a fairly common condition mostly affecting people over the age of 40. This happens when deposits of calcium forms around the shoulder tendons and the area becoming inflamed, causing great deal of pain.

When calcium deposits form it usually forms at the rotator cuffs of the shoulder where the muscles attach to the bones, and it is called supraspinatus tendon. There’s two types the degenerative & reactive calcification. Degenerative type stands for the wear & tear of the aging process, as the shoulders are used and blood flow to the area decreases due to old age, the tendons become weaker and it can fray & tear, as part of the healing process the blood leaves behind calcium deposits which can cause the issues down the road.

The cause of reactive calcification is not clear, usually in the 3 stages with the final stage the body reabsorbing the calcium deposits and the pain decreasing. It is still not known what triggers the body to reabsorb the calcium deposits.

The cause for degenerative calcification is mostly due to wear & tear and age, some researchers believe pressure to the area or not enough oxygen to the tendons can cause this condition. The cause for reactive type is still a mystery, it happens usually in younger patients.

Diagnosis will require x-ray to determine the presence of calcium deposits, most likely a series of xrays need to be taken to determine whether these deposits are going away on its own or not, if it is not then surgical means to remove them might be the next step.

Non-surgical rehabilitation at our Total Health Physical Therapy clinic involve series of exercises to strengthen and stretch the area especially strengthening the rotator cuff which can increase stability of the shoulder and reduce the pressure on the calcium deposits. In some cases ultrasound treatment may be prescribed, which will require series of ultrasound directed at the pain areas that has been shown to reduce the size of calcium deposits, and increase recovery rate. On top of our specific exercises protocols that can increase blood flow and healing to the area. Also complete evaluation of daily work place and the type of body postures that the patient is putting themselves in during the day that can be harmful to the shoulder.

Post-surgical rehab of painful shoulder is all about ensuring proper healing of the shoulder for full recovery of mobility, stability & strength. Often times muscles of the shoulder need to be cut so it is important to have a physical therapy regime that is smart at not allowing the shoulder to move too soon for good healing to take place and then slowly incorporating passive & active exercises that begin to retrain the muscles to work properly and restore proper movement of humerus bone in the socket.

At Total Health PTC, we are dedicated to alleviate shoulder pain and restore strength and mobility in the shoulder with proper education on how to avoid future sports or work related injuries or prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the rotator cuffs by understanding how to properly rest and care for the shoulder. In such a hyper mobile area like the shoulder, an intelligent physical therapy we believe is a must.