Lower Back Pain Physical Therapy in Sterling Heights MI

Lower back pain can have multitudes of causes from physical to psychological. Sometimes acute low back pain can develop and following some simple guidelines like avoid extraneous physical activities & movement in that area these conditions can heal on its own in due time.

Sometimes these back pains can develop into a chronic pain condition in which case the patient should visit a doctor to perform various tests to ensure there isn’t any pathological disease causes such as cancer, tumor, infection, etc.

If those causes are ruled out, then there many treatment protocols out there, but most may prefer to explore physical medicine type of treatments before they begin with any serious prescription medication or surgery.

Most realize that it is important to address the cause instead of managing symptoms. Pain suppressing medication cannot be the entire solution as its job is to simply manage the symptom which is pain, but if the underlying cause is not addressed, it’s likely that the patient may not see much improvement in life quality as the medication may come with its side effects.

Here at Total Health Physical Therapy of Sterling Heights & Troy, we are very aware of these other modalities of treatment such as acupuncture, yoga, counselling, chiropractic adjustments, however what we found was irreplaceable when treating most lower back pain was comprehensive study of the true cause of this condition and in most cases it seems to stem from improper postures caused by modern day living.

We incorporate physical exercises that increase flexibility and mobility of those areas to greatly reduce the chances of developing this condition, as well as training & tools to fix the unconscious body posture, sleeping in better positions and looking into possible psychological causes of back pain specifically looking at the emotional health of individual and what pain in the lower back represents according to top psychology therapists and thousands of case studies.

Schedule a Free consultation with us to see how we can intervene to try to address the root causes and educate time & tested preventative measures that can significantly reduce the chances of these episodes from your life, before deciding to get on some strong pain medication with its adverse side effects or deal with expensive & invasive surgery that might be possible to avoid.