Auto Accident Physical Therapy – Sterling Heights, MI


Did you know…

…the most common automobile car accident injury is whiplash?

It’s true.

With over 1,000,000 accidents (yes, that’s Millions with a capital “M”) whiplash sneaks up on you like a deadly python snake. Since there’s no visible injury and the initial pain feels little more than a ‘crik in the neck’ from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, most people don’t seek professional help.

Well, we have good news, and bad news.

The Dangers of Avoiding Car Accident Physical Therapy Treatment

If whiplash is left untreated, there is a 14%  chance you will suffer severe chronic pain that may be too late to recover from fully had it been treated soon after the accident took place. We commonly see neck, back and shoulder pain, migraine headaches, dizziness, difficulty reading, numbness, blurry vision (dangerous when on the road as it can occur suddenly without warning!), and problems concentrating on any one task. You also risk potential degenerative disc disease at later stages in your life.

Needless to say, living will soon become a chore as you constantly deal with one of the issues above after another. When one issue goes away, another seems to appear in its place. Sadly, we find it tends to be a never ending cycle until the end of life.

As you can imagine painkillers will be the only thing that allows you to get through a single day. This is a common and practical way to alleviate pain for the SHORT term. Taken for too long beyond its intended use only leads to adaptation, which leads to stronger prescriptions, which consequently leads to addiction.

This is the typical scenario we see with clients who come in for treatment ‘a few years too late’. Although we happily accept everyone experiencing any level of previous auto accident pain from whiplash and our treatment accomodates ‘late comers’, you’re odds of full recovery to lead a normal life dwindles to less than 50% and you may be confined to physical therapy of some kind for the remainder of your life which is an inconvenience.

Our mission here at Total Health Physical Therapy is to make sure you NEVER have to stick around and recover quickly so you can move forward in a new chapter of your life.

So what’s the good news?

The Benefits of Receiving Auto Accident Chiropractor Treatment

The good news is if you’ve recently been through an accident of ‘any’ kind, regardless how small (small is relative, as quick jerks and movements on the neck even from minor collisions can lead to unseen nerve and muscle damage) we encourage you to come in and visit our offices here at 2311 E 15 Mile Rd STE C Sterling Heights, MI 48310

We specialize in strengthening and repairing damaged tissue to avoid excessive scar growth. Regardless of the severity of your injury, you will certainly benefit from a standard examination.

Our therapists perform a full examination of all car accident related injuries to determine the most effective recovery program to provide you the most relief.

Your analysis will be custom for you alone. No one individual receives the same treatment as it varies from person to person. We gather all of your medical history, the type and severity of your accident and cover several other aspects of your individual makeup  to determine the best course of action for you alone to speed up the recovery process significantly.

Whether your injuries are joint, muscle, neurological, whiplash or vestibule-ocular, we are always ready to serve you on a personal level.

Eight Important Tips You MUST Remember After Your Auto Accident

  1. Seek treatment immediately.
  2. Come into our office ASAP for better, quicker recovery.
  3. Most car insurance companies will cover your physical therapy recovery costs 100%, with zero out-of-pocket expenses up to a predetermined limit. We work on your behalf to check into that for you so your treatment is essentially free.
  4. At the scene of an accident, gather as much information on the other driver(s) as you can. Accidental reports filed by Police is useful, but not necessary to expedite your claim case. Generally, the more information you have on hand, the faster the process through either insurance party.
  5. NEVER settle with insurance companies before you had us evaluate your injury in-depth on your behalf. If you settle prior to your injury being fully resolved, you will be on your own and made to foot the bill on any remaining fee’s and/or expenses on extensive care. Generally, whatever they’re offering is a lowball number to what they would normally pay out for similar accidents because they have years of data and research on their side.
  6. No doctor? No problem. We have a reliable team you can see and doctor recommendations we can refer you to at no out of pocket expense to you.
  7. Refuse to deal with insurance companies personally. It can get messy (they ARE, after all, in the business of making money from years of payments, not paying out). Hire a good Attorney to deal with the bargaining process and paperwork while you focus on your well-being and overall health.
  8. As mentioned above in the dangers of avoiding car accident physical therapy, any injuries sustained after a auto accident left untreated will likely lead to spinal degeneration and a number of different issues you will have to deal with for the remainder of your life. Act fast and seek treatment today!

Here’s why you should choose Total Health Physical Therapy for your auto accident physical therapy

Our senior therapists have over a decade of combined clinical experience, while consistently improving our education to properly diagnose and treat signs of whiplash, psychological trauma and other related auto injuries.

Our experience gives us the confidence necessary to give you the confidence that you’re in good hands and that you will recover sooner than you may anticipate.

We encourage you to give us a call today at (586) 200-1655 and visit our office located in Macomb County to meet our friendly team of experts and decide for yourself if we’re the best for your car accident rehabilitation needs.

Injuries sustained from automobile accidents cause a number of issues to last for several years, decades, or even the rest of your life!

You owe it to yourself to visit us during our normal business operating hours to get checked. Preventative care is far less intrusive and time consuming than post-care.

We are all one big happy family here. Like the Brady Bunch of Physical Therapy (ha ha!). We look forward to seeing you soon!