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We are well-versed with providing work related & auto accident physical therapy and educate our patients on best ways to cover their cost through their insurance with minimal deductible pay.

Our well-trained physical therapists deliver treatment plans that work, with key emphasis on education and self treatment, with exercises that can be done from home along with education on proper posture & sitting/standing/sleeping positions, our goal is to maximize your healing potential and speed up recovery time so you can limit the number of visits needed and keep your health insurance deductible & copay costs to a minimum. We are here to graduate you to a healthy, pain-free & functional living.

We are pain specialists that are experienced in conventional & revolutionary techniques including joint & soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, McKenzie techniques, strain/counter strain & muscle energy techniques.

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Why physical therapy?

Physical therapists provide evidence-based treatments that work to reduce pain, restore mobility & strengthen key areas that address many of the root immobility & pain issues a person may be facing. They are highly trained, highly trusted professionals that can help ensure proper healing following surgery or accidents, also help diagnose & resolve incredible number of aches or physical limitations that may be disrupting your life.

Our goal is holistic care. To not only address the current ailment but to provide knowledge & practical steps to prevent future injury, so the problem does not return after you leave our office.

We have some of the top PT’s in Macomb County but we also serve patients from Troy, MI & Rochester Hills, Clawson, Royal Oak, Warren, Clinton.

Back & Lower Back Pain: if possible it is much more preferable to cure back pain with non surgical approaches, here at Total Health we have treatment programs designed to first heal the back injury using braces if needed, then incorporating time tested physical exercise regime that foster strengthening & proper postures that lead to pain free backs.
Shoulder Pain: We have programs for non-surgical & post-surgical rehabilitation of the shoulder. Our rehab treatment is designed to increase blood flow, speed up healing, strengthening & increasing range of motion. We incorporate the most effective shoulder pain treatment that have produced thousands of successful case studies.
Neck Pain: Whether through work related degeneration or sports or auto accidents, the neck rehabilitation is often dramatically improved under the care of trained physical therapist. Patients can often exacerbate the condition if they are not careful, some serious cases involved pinched nerve in the neck, which we also treat.
Knee Pain: We commonly treat patients with issues with and around the knee including ACL reconstruction post-surgery rehabilitation. We have physical exercise programs designed to improve the healing & speed the recovery time using specific ranges of motion. Our trained staff of therapists are expert in identifying & strengthening the weak areas so re-injury do not happen.